Viva Naturals Non-GMO Pure Coconut MCT Oil

Viva Natural MCT Coconut Oil

Viva natural MCT coconut oil is prepared from cold pressed fresh pulp of coconuts, within two to three hour of continues chopping. Viva natural is composed of 100% pure capric and caprylic acid which are plant-based and extracted from white pulp of fresh coconut. Oil is plentiful source of medium chain triglyceride MCTs which is helpful for metabolism process.  It encompasses of tasteless and order less MCT oil. It contains no Trans and hydrogenated fats for human use. It’s not only used for hair and body but also ideal for cooking and baking due to its natural characteristics. Concentrated MCT oil is perfect a day diet, helpful for maintaining energy level without any side effect. It’s also useful for making cosmetic products to make them more beneficial like soap, creams and lotions etc. Viva MCT oil is enriched with Vitamin E which is really useful for scalp skin and highly recommended for hair growth. Oil has melting point is 76 Fahrenheit and can be used in solid as well as in liquid form. It’s safe to consume on both state liquid as well as solid.

What is MCT?

Medium chain tri-glyceride, MCT is unique formula of fatty acids that is main source of providing energy to the body. MCT is composed of carpic and caprlic acid which mostly found in virgin coconut oil. It also helps to maintain a healthy body, enhance stamina of body and improve metabolism process. Coconuts are certainly rich in MCTs, which is main reason that our oil is never assorted with any other MCT sources. Separating MCTs from unwanted fatty acids enhance their life in shelf and make the most of their metabolic potential. Our pharmaceutical ranking MCT oil comprehends no fillers or seasonings, and is free of any insecticides or scum, purely containing of 100% MCT oil that is odorless.


Some uses


  1. Weight management

Viva natural MCT coconut oil aid to improve the body consumption and enhance level of potential to burn fats. Presence Carpic and Caprylic acid in MCTs helps to improve the fat burning process in body.  MCTs yield ketone which encourage fat metabolism by breaking big molecules into smaller ones. Research of American society of clinical nutrition found that taking MCTs help to increase metabolic rate 12 times more than consumption of LCTs, So which help in burning 53 more fats.

  1. Improve mental health

MCT oil is deliberated to be rocket gasoline in your brain, providing a notably absorbable and effective source of energy to the body. A study posted in Neurobiology of getting old, discovered those who ate up 40ml of MCT oil observed an instantaneous improvement in mental characteristic after best ninety mins of remedy. Devour up to three tablespoons of viva naturals MCT oil per day for premiere brain-boosting capability.

  1. Controls Insulin Activity

Viva naturals MCT oil supports in regulating blood sugar degrees by simulating a satiety impact and providing energy to cells while glucose, the frame’s primary source of body energy, is limited or constrained.

  1. Enhances Athletic Performance

Unlike LCTs, extensively allotted in traditional plant oils, MCTs are instantly transported to the liver where they may be swiftly applied for energy. MCTs offer on the spot and lengthy-lasting fuel to assist build patience and beautify athletic overall performance in the course of workout. Previous to physical training, viva natural’s MCT oil may be fed on without delay from the bottle in its raw form for instant and properly-sustained energy, and serve as carbohydrate without being stored as fats.


Customer review

There are number of clients of VIVA natural product all over the world. Many customers are using their products several times in a year with 100% satisfaction level. Customers fulminated about good quality Viva natural MCT coconut oil. The product is absolutely worth of money and customer demand is high due to its great benefits. Following are some reviews of VIVA natural MCT coconut oil:

  1. Customer can use the oil for many purposes like for body, healthy hair as well as can use in their diet. The oil is highly effective for skin treatment and care. It can help to get rid of dry skin, rashes, and inflammations as well as used for treating burning skin. Other than all these oil can use to remove makeup, as a skin moisturizer, burn scars, removing scratches and cuticles.
  2. It best remedy for getting healthy and long hair. It can use as hair mask to getting shinny hair. It also helpful for growth of eye lashes, as it’s not harmful for eyes.
  3. Can use as healthier dental care and also use for body lotion which makes your family healthier!
  4. This oil is better than many coconut oil due to its fine taste and without any order.
  5. Oil can be used in cooking and baking.
  6. MCT oil can be used in coffee and smoothies.
  7. Fresh green salad with MCT coconut oil is very effective for controlling weight for those who are on diet.
  8. Oil can help body to improve metabolism, lose weight and controlling cholesterol level in body.
  9. Price is reasonable and quality of product is high.
  10. It cost much less than regular creams and moisturizers.
  11. Can be store in room temperature.
  12. Also helpful for pets, make them look healthy and shiny by applying oil on their body and also add oil in their diet helps to prevent from many diseases.
  13. It can be stored in room temperature for two years for consumption.
  14. 100% natural coconut oil and USDA certified organic, no preservatives, flavors, GMO’s. It is assure naturally healthy product. 

Safe dose of MCT Oil

From very start, try to add one tablespoon of MCT oil in your diet daily. From one table spoon, gradually increase to three tablespoon up to when your body has adjusted. MCT oil may cause slight abdominal discomfort if too much is consumed at a time, mainly on an empty stomach. Take with warm food has recommended.


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